Custom CNC Machined Parts at Discounted Rates

Do you have custom products or a need to replace parts on a regular basis due to wear and tear?  We offer custom CNC machining at low prices, with a quality guarantee.


Custom Machining

Precision Machined Parts

CNC machines range from 3-7 axes, producing custom geometries and finishes.

- Precision machining doesn't have to be expensive.  We can provide the right tooling and custom machine the parts you need within a week or two.

- Request a free consult and ask whether your custom designed part is machinable and whether special tooling is required

- Even you only need 1-100 parts, we can provide equally discounted prices.


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Custom Materials

Aluminum, Steel, Titanium

While aluminum and stainless steel parts are the most common requests, we can provide competitive quotes on special materials as well.

- Do you need parts in domestic materials only? Or require materials certification and in-house inspection reports?

- We provide what you need to meet the standards and requirements within different industries.  Schedule a free consult if you have special requirements.


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Innovation Research

Prototyping and Testing


We are here to help individuals and companies innovate and deliver on R&D cycles faster and cheaper.


End-use, testable prototypes in 

- Different finishes

- Multiple colors

- Materials and weights

- With student and monthly discounts


There are different ways to approach research and development.


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